Some Everyday Activities That Count As Fat Burners

Although most people know they need to get more exercise in order to get fit, the task often proves too daunting. And while there’s a bunch of hurdles that could stand between an individual and regular exercise, having a schedule that’s too hectic is perhaps the most common. If such is the case for you, however, you’d be glad to know that with just a little creativity, you could transform even the simplest of everyday tasks into effective fat burners.

Playing with Your Kids

Children need lots of exercise. But as suggested by a handful of sources, kids hardly get enough physical activity these days. This is why experts now advise parents to put more effort into getting their kids more active. So talk to your children, see what games they would like to play, and get actively involved so that you also benefit. From jumping rope and kickball to hopscotch and leapfrog, you have plenty of options to choose from here.


Whether you’re getting some new clothes or just buying groceries for the week, shopping means lots of walking. While this gives you a great opportunity to burn some calories, you could further extend the workout by avoiding escalators and elevators while at the store, opting for stairs instead. Should you find yourself held up in a long queue when checking out, you could use the stationary time to move your body by flexing some muscles around your body, albeit subtly.

Doing Some Household Chores

Mundane as it seems, doing housework actually works quite effectively in burning calories. So get off your couch and start blasting away those chores. You could even kick it up a notch higher by turning on some workout tunes on your audio system. This should get you moving vigorously as you sweep, scrub or vacuum different parts of your home. Outside, you could try washing your car by hand as opposed to taking it to the local car wash. Doing some landscaping tasks by yourself should also help.


Obviously, you aren’t going to get fit sitting throughout the day. So what’s the point here, you may ask? Well, just because you’re sat at your desk most of the time doesn’t mean you have to stay still. Look for some exercise routines you could do while sat to get in a bit of activity. You could also get some small weights to do simple arm workouts while talking on the phone or reading something on your screen.

Everyone burns calories doing everyday tasks. And no matter how busy you think your schedule is, you can easily sneak in some exercise into your routine. So stop procrastinating, and start taking advantage of all the opportunities you have to get more active.